Jacques Goudeaux : songs and litterature

Jacques Goudeaux was born in Brive-la-Gaillarde in 1957. He has been interested in poetry since early childhood. He wrote his first poem, Les Bohémiens, when he was around twelve, then put it to music a few years later. He developed a taste for classics and was imbued with French poetry.

He  earned recognition on several occasions,winning poetry or song contests with titles such as Ce soir il pleut... (unpublished), À Brassens, L'étrange voyage and Soir d'été.

Both an author and a composer, he wants his work to be distinguished from light music. His songs have neither the same specificity and echo, nor the same inspiration. He has written more than 160 songs, 100 or so of which he has recorded .

His lyrics, tunes and accompaniment are all tinged with clacissism. The exactness he shows at every stage of creation and the diversity of his sources make his works original. He describes himself as a ”makeshift” singer and would rather let someone else take care of the singing...

For a few years, Jacques Goudeaux has been widening his field of creation by devoting himself to a completely different way of writing... with the publication in 2007 of a novel entitled Le Fanal (Thélès ed.).